Have you ever wondered what would happen if two stubborn Finnish women, two weird string instruments, a cutting board and a few bells went a bit crazy and started a polyamorous band filled with love towards traditional Karelian melodies, folk tales, trance music and modern arts? What! No? Well, It's already happening: Akkajee.

Akkajee will regale you with stories of jealous neighbours, frozen lakes, lost souls and innovative maids with some serious clothing troubles. The vocal and instrumental storytelling varies from intimate to fierce seasoned with pulsating beats and floating soundscapes. The music is inspired by ancient stories and present phenomena. Together this mixture sounds like nothing else.

Akkajee was founded by Meriheini Luoto and Iida Savolainen in 2010 in Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Since then they have created music together and performed at various festivals and events. In 2012 Akkajee received the 2nd prize in Konsta Jylhä competition for folk music groups in Finland. One year later they released their first album.

Iida Savolainen: viola & vocals

Meriheini Luoto: nyckelharpa & vocals

*Akka, n(f), Finnish. Slightly derogatory term used to describe a head strong woman with a decisive attitude and a sharp tongue.

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